Ready to Totally Conquer Your First 30-Days Blogging During Nap Time?

Fast Track Your Blog's Success With Your Own 30-Day Roadmap!

mom to momtrepreneur

Not sure what to do next after launching your new blog to promote success?  

Don't want to waste months of trial and error trying to figure out the right steps all on your own?

I get it!

When I first launched my blog back in 2016 I had no clue what I should do first to set my blog up for success. And with a new baby, I didn't have hours to work each day on my blog. Still, I spent months just throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to see what would stick.

As time went on, I found myself on day 100 of blogging or 300 or even later completing those tasks that, had I done them first, I would have seen the traffic, the loyal readers, and the money much faster. Saving me so much time and frustration. 

Which is why I created The Mom to Momtrepreneur - Guide to Conquering Your Frist 30-Days Blogging During Nap Time Ebook.

To outline the essentail tasks that should be done that first month after launch to fast track your blog's success in the short time you have each day to blog during nap time!

cassie scroggins

And It's time to eliminate the blogging overwhelm and fast track your blog's success!

As a busy mom, I know how stressful trying to build a successful money making blog can be when you only have so much time each day.

However, I have seen what a difference having a roadmap can make, and I wanted to create a resource that could really help you grow your blog and reach your goals. And I know that this ebook will make a difference for you. 

cassie scroggins

Why The Mom To Momtrepreneur Ebook?

You've finally decided to take the leap from mom life to momtrepreneur life and start your own profitable blog. You've even made the effort to get your hands on a killer resource to show you how to start your blog, but what about after your it goes live?

When you're a mom, you don't have hours to waste searching Google and Pinterest trying to figure out this blogging thing. Instead, you need someone who been there before to guide you through these first 30 days after launch and show you the ropes. That is exactly what the Mom to Momtrepreneur guide was made to do.  

This guide will not only tell you what to do next in your blogging journey but it will show you how to do it and in what order. And by the time you've made it all the way through this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to grow your blog, how to start monetizing it, and an action plan for the future. 

The best thing about this guide is that it’s crafted for moms by a mom. We keep it clear, quick, and simple to help you achieve your blogging goals in the short mom-time you have. The Mom to Momtrepreneur guide is just the ebook you need to eliminate the confusion and get your blog growing quickly. Read, implement, and fastrack your road to success today!

What's inside:

Mom to Momtrepreneur 30-Day Outline:

This ebook includes 12 essential assignments broken down day by day into a 30-day scheudule that can be completed in just 2 hours each day (your average nap time!). These assignments will teach you how to:

  • Establish your branding.
  • Create branded graphic templates.  
  • Establish an editorial calendar and posting schedule. 
  • Create killer blog content.
  • Enable your blog for social sharing.
  • Optimize social media accounts.
  • Get your first readers.
  • Harness the power of Pinterest
  • Build an email list and atrract your ideal reader.
  • Start monetizing.
  • Drive traffic to your blog. 
  • And Create an action plan for the future.

Here is an outline of how the workbook splits up each assignment in order to do so. 

mom to mompreneur

What You'll Get Out of This Guide

By the end of this ebook you'll have fast tracked your way to a successful, money making blog, with an action plan to only keep you growing in the future. 

  • You'll have a blog with a clear brand and schedule. 
  • You'll know how to create content that resonates and how to attract your ideal reader. 
  • You'll know how to drive real traffic to your blog through sources like social media and google.
  • You'll know the power of an email list and how to grow yours.
  • You'll have started the monetization process and added an income stream or two to your blog. 
  • You'll have established new blogging goals with an action plan for the future. 
  • And you'll be miles ahead of any new blogger trying to figure out this blogging thing all on their own. 

If you're ready to not just start a blog, but a money making business in as little time as possible, this guide is for you.